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British Values

Promoting British Values 

At Ashmore Park Nursery School, we understand the role our School has in promoting the fundamental British values as defined in the Government’s 2011 Prevent Strategy, and we believe that our pedagogical approach promotes these fundamental British Values:


  • Democracy;

  • The rule of law;

  • Individual liberty; and

  • Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Our Pedagogy

We have a pedagogy of ‘Listening’ and staff recognise that all children have a voice that needs to be listened too. Adults listen to children, children listen to children and children listen to adults. The democracy of the group is highly valued and promoted through a variety of learning opportunities such as project work, reflection time and small group work. Children learn that they are valued and both adults and their peers respect their thoughts and ideas.

Children learn about different faiths and values through the celebration of different cultural festivals, and the sharing of stories as well as acknowledging, recognising and discussing the similarities, and differences, which exist amongst us all, promoting the beginnings of tolerance.


Within each group children learn to listen to each other, value what each other has to say and also learn that their opinion may differ. When these opportunities occur, adults encourage children to understand that a difference of opinion is a good thing and it is valued, adults evolve this type of discussion by asking children what they think.


Encouraging children to be respectful is a priority. From the beginning of their time with us, children are encouraged to be respectful towards each other, towards adults and towards nursery resources. The expectation for learning respectful behaviours is high. As stated in our ‘Behaviour Policy’, there are two key rules in School regarding behaviours, ‘Be Kind and Be a Good Listener’. The symbols referencing these rules are clearly displayed in each Key Worker’s area. Adults in school constantly use these rules in their everyday practice with the children and expect children to know, and use these rules to evolve mutual respect, and to learn right from wrong.


Whilst children are attending one of our Schools’ their personal and social development is of paramount importance. Without self-confidence and self-esteem, children cannot be effective learners and citizens within their communities. Outcomes for children in these areas of learning are excellent and these skills, attributes and attitudes place them in a good position for future understanding of what makes us active citizens in modern Britain.


We have a number of policies in place that contribute to our commitment to British Values, please click on the link(s) below to view our policies:

Useful Websites, Links and Downloads

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